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Where and How to Find Top Talent

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Ready to find the right people for your team?

3 simple steps can get you from crickets to an overflow of qualified people excited to work for you.

Imagine how it would feel...

  • to write job postings that reflect your company's ethos.
  • to know the best places to advertise your open jobs.
  • to finally build that referral network and feel confident reaching out to them.
  • to start building an employer branding strategy online so you're "always recruiting" and people are just WAITING for you to post that you're hiring.

Introducing... The Hiring Handbook: Where and How to Find Top Talent... without paying for recruiting fees.

This digital playbook will help you find the right people so you can broaden your candidate pool to increase the chances of a great hire with ease. If you're new to hiring or frankly, too busy to figure it out yourself and find yourself saying "I wish there was a simple process to follow to find the right people" - this is for you. 



Ever felt this way?

When it comes to hiring, it's no secret doing it wrong can cost you thousands of dollars. Which can be hard if you're not getting enough [or the RIGHT] people applying to your open jobs. How can you make a good choice when you have so few to choose from?

In fact, an intentional go to market hiring strategy has proven time and time again to work. The startegies, templates, and tools we give you are exactly the same things we've implemented with many high growth start-ups.

But the thing is... if you're not doing it right, casting a wide enough net, writing compelling job ads, reaching out to your network, and creating social media content (specifically for hiring) you're leaving money on the table. It isn't always easy and can feel impossible to know where you start without a proven playbook.


  • You might be stuck with knowing how to write a job description (news flash: we think they're old news).
  • You might be experiencing crickets when you post about hiring.
  • And that? Has probably got you feeling frustrated and a bit like a fraud.
  • And not scaling your business like you want.
  • Or even worse? Working 80 hour weeks with no end in sight.

We get it, you are not alone, and there is a solution.

Meet: The Hiring Handbook 

Where & How to Find Top Talent

After using these tools, you will: 

  • Have more people to interview for your open roles, expanding your candidate pool, and help you make more informed decisions
  • Have an ongoing social media strategy that gets people WAITING for the day you post you have an open job
  • Build a repeatable process so you know exactly what to do every time you need to hire someone new

All because of the templates, worksheets, and resources included.

About Us

We've each been in the HR and Recruiting fields for over 15 years and met while working together in the Los Angeles start up ecosystem. We were inspired to launch this handbook as a way for us to support more small businesses that don't need full time HR support, but want to set up the right foundation. This is the perfect way to start to build your hiring strategy and expand your reach.


Social Media Content

All the social media prompts and scripts you need to seamlessly weave employer branding strategy into your marketing content calendar so you're constantly attracting talent.

Applicant Tracking Template

Use this Asana template to create an applicant tracking process on a budget. Keeping everything in one place will ensure you're creating a great candidate experience.

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We are confident this solution will help you start to find more qualified applicants to join your business, HOWEVER, we want you to know that there is no risk in purchasing today. If you don't love the Hiring Handbook: Where and How to Find Top Talent, you can request your money back within 30 days.

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