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You’re already equipped with the most potent asset for overcoming any obstacle and scaling your business: your team. 

“Oh, Shit! I’M the boss now?!” is the realization every business owner has when they discover that the success of their business is a direct reflection of the success of their team. This podcast will help you get the team stuff right.

But this isn’t some stuffy, corporate, jargon-filled podcast because what works for Fortune 500 companies probably doesn’t apply to you. After all, your business doesn’t come with the bullshit red tape of a large company. Instead, you’ll be encouraged and motivated to test, try, fail, and fix fast.

You'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll feel seen and heard. Most importantly, you'll walk away with the tools you need to pour into your people's operations and build a thriving culture that opens the door to the scale your business deserves.


4 Tips to Make a Great Hire

Get clear on the role you need to hire. Who the right person is for the job and the types of questions you need to ask to find your next best hire.


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A Must-Listen for Entrepreneurs!

Jackie is a wealth of knowledge around hiring and what it takes to grow a successful team. This podcast makes these concepts approachable, like having your own HR department in your ear coaching you how to be a great leader attract the right talent. 


Jackie is Awesome!

Her podcast provides great snippets of practice tips on hiring. I love listening and often have to stop and take notes for takeaways. Her audio and topics are spot on. 


Sheer Genius in a time when it is most needed!

Jackie nails it with this show. She gets the keys to not only building a dynamic team but also how it impacts the business growth. Her holistic approach and candor are such a welcome relief. If you're trying to scale a team you must listen.