We're Jackie and Molly the creators of People Principles. 

We both spent years working in tech start-ups and each one we joined, there was one commonality... they wait way too long to invest in the People side of their business.


Don't get us wrong, we get it. there is a lot to juggle when growing a business and it's easy to punt the HR stuff down the field. Wait until you have to deal with it. Have someone do the bare minimum, semi-decently, until you can afford to hire an expert.

HERES THE PROBLEM. Most companies "deal with it" after its too late.


It is actually really simple to set up a great foundation.  We found that out when we worked together at a start up who knew the importance of investing in People Operations early. This was our ah-ha moment. What if we could provide expert support in affordable ways to small businesses and start ups so they could do the people stuff right early - not after they're hit with a lawsuit or big compliant.


Meet Jackie Koch


Last name (pronounced, COKE like the soda). I'm a midwest native living in Phoenix by way of Los Angeles. I have over 15 years of experience hiring teams and leading HR for Fortune 500 companies, startups and digital entrepreneurs. I also have an MBA but argue I learned more about scaling a modern business in the trenches working with start-ups  for the last 7 years.  

Being an entrepreneur at heart, I launched People Principles where I help founders scale and lead their teams with 1:1 support, digital products, and DFY recruiting services.

I'm also the host of the podcast, Oh Shit, I’m the Boss Now?!  Helping entrepreneurs learn how to succeed when they’re the ones in charge.

Meet Molly Anderson


I’m a Texas native who fell into recruiting while living in Chicago, then LA, and now I’ve brought things full circle by moving back to Texas. I’ve worked in large and small tech and start-up companies recruiting for tech and non-tech; and supported and managed people ops functions.

At the end of the day I want to build strong teams who do great work and also have fun…because if you’re not having fun, what’s the point? Work is ⅓ of our lives. Building a new team and joining a new team is a huge life decision. I want that decision to be the best one for all of us.