Building a Thriving Team and Business in PR with People Principles Client, Greta Schmid

Today, we have a special treat for you: an insightful conversation with Greta Schmid, the founder and CEO of RAGDOLLPR, a boutique PR agency based out of LA. If you're an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or someone passionate about team building and leadership, this post is a goldmine of information for you.

The Creation of Ragdoll PR

Greta's journey into entrepreneurship wasn't a straight path. Originally intending to become an attorney, a last-minute change of heart led her to PR. After gaining experience and climbing the ranks in various PR agencies, she felt the time was ripe to start her venture. Timing, she notes, is everything. The decision coincided with her pregnancy—a moment many would consider inopportune, but she saw it as the perfect time to begin. This goes to show, there's no 'one-size-fits-all' in entrepreneurship.

The Importance of Workplace Culture

Right off the bat, what stands out about Greta is her commitment to creating a fantastic work environment. She emphasizes that when a team is happy, they produce their best work, a sentiment we wholeheartedly agree with. A positive work culture not only uplifts the team but also radiates outward, influencing how clients perceive and interact with your business. It's a crucial component of business strategy that startups and small businesses often overlook. 

 Starting a small business can feel like a high-stakes game, where every move matters. One crucial element that often gets overlooked is company culture. Jackie and Greta, both entrepreneurs, sat down to discuss what it takes to build a culture that not only attracts talent but also sustains growth.

 According to Greta, who has experience working in other agencies, it's essential to have firsthand knowledge of what you don't want your company culture to be. As she points out, it's often our bad experiences that shape our goals. "Knowing what it's like to work in a toxic culture has made it easier for me to build something different," says Greta. "It gave me a reference point."

Hiring: The Critical First Steps

One challenge that many entrepreneurs and small business owners face is knowing when and who to hire. For Greta, the decision came naturally. Realizing she needed to focus on business development, she understood that hiring was inevitable to handle day-to-day operations. Many business leaders find themselves in a similar conundrum. If scaling your business is on the agenda, then creating a team becomes not just an option but a necessity. 

Jackie reinforces the importance of hiring the right people as the first step towards creating a good company culture. "You can't easily shift people once they're in. Being intentional about who you hire sets the foundation for your company culture." 

Greta shared that her company receives a deluge of applications for every job posting, which necessitates a meticulous screening process. "I email potential candidates a set of 15 questions as a pre screen. Their answers—and how quickly they respond—give me a snapshot not only of their skills but their eagerness and sense of urgency."

Learning to Delegate and Outsource

When you're leading a startup or a small business, it's easy to try to do everything yourself—from accounting to client services. But as Greta found, that's not sustainable, especially when your business starts to grow. The decision to outsource or delegate roles like accounting can free you to focus on what you do best—strategizing and leading your team.

Final Thoughts

Greta Schmidt is a shining example of what dedication, smart team building, and excellent leadership can achieve. She underlines the importance of workplace culture and the crucial decisions surrounding hiring and outsourcing. Her story is a roadmap for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and leaders looking to build not just a business but a thriving team.

So, if you're standing at the crossroads of hiring or wondering how to improve your workplace culture, take a page out of Greta's book. After all, as she puts it so succinctly: "When people are happy, that's when the best work happens."

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