Goal Setting to Help Your Team Succeed with Kate Erickson

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Goal Setting to Help Your Team Succeed with Kate Erickson

Episode Summary

We all have career goals that we wish to attain. However, having too many aspirations might be detrimental to accomplishing them. In today's episode, Jackie is joined by Kate Erickson to discuss how to create your goals in a way that allows you to reach them, as well as what measures you should adopt in your business team to help them achieve their goals. If you have large ambitions you want to attain but are having trouble doing so, the information in this podcast will guide you through the process.

[0:06] How you work with your team is no different than how you do it with yourself.
[6:00] Becoming an entrepreneur was not an easy adjustment for Kate.
[8:04] How to get feedback from your team.
[15:41] Do you ever do any of these exercises with your team?
[19:54] Do you have any platforms or tools that work really great for tracking some of these things or collaborating with your team?
[22:20] Do you have your own goals? How do you track goals? Do you use journals?
[29:19] What is a major moment in your business that sticks out?


"When it comes to goal setting, how you work with your team is really no different than how you would do it with yourself. You're just adding in a layer of, okay, how do I communicate this now so that somebody else is helping me accomplish that?" - Kate Erickson


In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. How to set and crush goals as an entrepreneur, including a framework to get started.
2. The importance of mindset and how to overcome imposter syndrome as an entrepreneur.
3. An in-depth look at goal setting and how to involve your team in order to accomplish them.


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