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Are you looking for practical steps you can take to see a change in your human resources process? Tune into this episode to hear some of my favorite tools for running your business, taking care of your team, and helping you with all of the different HR tasks every entrepreneur is responsible for like payroll, benefits, team communication, and accountability.

[1:43] The tools that every business should have and utilize for running their teams
[4:00] Time tracking tool
[6:33] A project management tool
[9:03] Tools to help your team work better together
[11:05] Create your own applicant tracking system that is reasonably priced
[13:03] Payroll software
[15:04] Team management tools


"Organize and get ready to crush this year - you are empowered to make your business more efficient and impactful!"


In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. Discover the tools you need to create a thriving culture and scale your business.
2. Learn the importance of tracking time for yourself and your team.
3. Find out which softwares you need to run your business, take care of your team, and manage HR stuff.


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Time tracking: Toggl Track
Project management: Asana, Airtable
Document Sharing: Google Workspace
Instant Messaging: Slack
Applicant Tracking System: Workable
Payroll Software: Gusto, Rippling, Bob
E-Signature: HelloSign
Company Culture and Engagement Survey: Office Vibe



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