You Need To Fire an Employee… Now What?

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You Need To Fire an Employee… Now What?

Episode Summary

There are some things that every employer despises, and terminating someone is at the top of the list. We've all felt the fear of having to terminate someone; neither the act nor the person being fired feels good. Jackie addresses how to fire someone and what measures you should take before and after letting someone go from your team. If you have been, or will be, in this situation, it can be difficult, but this episode will provide valuable insight into how to make the process easier for everyone involved.

[1:22] The hardest part of being a boss is having to let someone go.
[3:09] How to have performance conversations with your team first.
[5:21] If you’re deciding to end a relationship with an independent contractor or freelancer, check contract compliance
[7:21] What can be considered as discrimination?
[9:51] What is a severance agreement and how does it work?
[14:57] Do not fire someone over the phone or email unless you have no other choice.
[17:16] Don’t reveal the reasons for the decision.
[19:26] Tips for knowing you need to fire someone.


"Treat people nicely and respectfully, even if they're a contractor or a freelancer. Some of the biggest reasons are: It's just good human decency to do that. Sometimes I forget that people don't realize that, and I just assume that people know that. But I think I need to start calling that stuff out more, otherwise, I sound like a cold-hearted person. But it's just like a nice thing to do."


In this episode, you will learn the following:
1. What do you need to do to prepare for a difficult conversation with an employee?
2. How can you ensure your team is given fair, clear and consistent feedback?
3. What are the best practices for conducting a termination meeting with respect and compassion?


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