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Hiring Handbook: Finding Top Talent

Stop the countless google searches, and follow our step by step process that will help you find the right people to hire into your business.

What you'll get:

⚡️Our HIRING SUCCESS INDEX so you know exactly what and who you need to hire into your business. 

⚡️ Our Job Posting Cheat Sheet that will work for every job ad to hook and captivate your ideal candidates.

⚡️ Complete Job Board Library with over 45 different job boards you can use to advertise your job opening. We tell you what types of jobs each is best for and identify 6 boards that are FREE for you to post on. 

⚡️ Build Your Network Worksheet so you can start to leverage the network you've worked so hard to build and probably forget that you have. 

⚡️ Networking Templates where we help you know exactly how to reach out to your network via email or text to ask for referrals.

+ BONUS: Social media employer branding scripts and prompts that will help you seamlessly weave employer branding into your content strategy.

+ BONUS: Resource to help you figure out if you need to hire a freelancer or an employee. 

+ BONUS: an Applicant Tracking System in Asana to help you streamlines the hiring process. Help you organize job postings, collect resumes, and track candidates all in one place. Saving you valuable time.

AND PS - as an EXTRA BONUS you will find the exact strategy recruiters use to go out and find passive candidates - people who are not actively looking for a new job (this makes up about 70% of the workforce). 

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