$349.00 USD

HR Risk Assessment

Move your biz from vulnerable to safeguarded within a week with a step by step guide and expert advice!

What's included:

⚡️ Step-by-Step guide to make sure you are following the most important rules.

⚡️An HR tracking template so you can keep track of all the important info in one easy to find place.

⚡️A best practices roadmap for when and what to implement for the 5 core areas of HR.

⚡️ A 60 minute strategy session with one of our top HR Executives to create a path to tidy things up and a roadmap for future growth.

✰ NOTE: You will need to complete the self assessment before booking your call with our team. This self assessment will take you approx 2 - 5 hours depending on how many workers you have. ✰


Nothing in this session is considered legal advice. Please review our terms of use below 👇