People Principles OnDemand

Stop worrying about the people side of your biz.

Finally a place you can get access to HR experts who've built teams for high growth start ups. We'll be with you every step of the way with unlimited text and email support.


Does this sound

like you?

 Every moment counts in your business and you're wearing multiple hats (let's be real ALL the hats) - from operations to marketing, accounting, and managing your team. 

Who can relate:

  • You have big dreams for your business but you’re nervous about growing and leading the team that will get you there
  • Panic strikes anytime you receive a notice from the State about an unemployment claim or some other employee related notice
  • You want to create a collaborative, positive and high performing culture within your business
  • You feel overwhelmed and puzzled by all of the contradicting advice you’ve received about “HR”
  • You can’t help but feel nervous that you're doing it all wrong and you'll get sued
  • You’re confident in your craft but feel lost in the complexities of hiring and managing a team

It's way harder than it looks

It's not just you

  • You don't know what you don't know and there is no playbook for starting and running a business
  • You're wearing too many hats. Let's be real, you can't be an expert at everything
  • People are unpredictable, so how could you possibly anticipate every single situation you'll face
  • Employment laws are a moving target. They're tricky, change constantly, and let's be real, pretty damn boring 

  • Hiring and firing is stressful! Deciding who makes the cut and who doesn't can feel like a minefield

  • Putting out fires is exhausting - dealing with complaints, performance hiccups, and office drama can feel like you’re in an endless episode of a reality TV show 

Here's the truth:

It doesn't have to be this way


With us in your corner, you can navigate the often complex and challenging world of HR with confidence. No more sleepless nights worrying about legal compliance, employee disputes, or hiring and firing. Instead, you'll have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you're supported by experts who have seen it all. 



People Principles OnDemand

Stop googling how to do things and start asking the experts. Questions about hiring, firing, onboarding, employee issues, benefits, and compliance? We got your back.

Expert Advice

We've been in the the trenches of scaling high growth companies for over 15 years. We've seen it all. 

Unlimited Text & Email

We're there when you need it. Unlimited support via email and text. Answering all your questions. 

30 min call / month

When nuanced situations arises that you need to go deep on, we'll hop on a call and offer advice and guidance.

How does this sound?

While working with us...

  • You'll have piece of mind knowing you have real experts to turn to when you need it
  • You'll get quick responses because when stressful situations arise you don't have time to wait
  • You'll get guidance tailored to your unique business - because one size does not fit all
  • You'll get modern advice that still complies with the law
  • You'll have fun - we're not your stuffy corporate HR team - promise!
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Monthly plans require a 3 month minimum enrollment




Get 2 months free when you pay in full for the year


"They exceed my expectations daily."

If you're struggling with how to exit people from your business, wondering how to scale your business, or how to level up as a leader, I can promise you'll find value in this service.

-Kalle Simpson, CEO Discover Night

"I knew right away I was in good hands."

They saved me time and money and she's so methodical in process that I knew right away I was in great hands. Working with Jackie has been one of the top 3 best decisions I've made for my company.

- Lori Harder, CEO Lite Pink

Meet Our Team


Jackie & Molly Here

We've each been in the HR and Recruiting fields for over 15 years and met while working together in the Los Angeles start up ecosystem. Technically I (Jackie) hired Molly and then had to lay her off, but thats besides the point. We managed to stay close and go into business together years later... a true testament that you can go through hard times and make hard decisions in your business and make it out the other side.

 We were inspired to launch this program as a way for us to support more small businesses that don't need full time HR support, but when you need it... you REALLY need it.  This is the perfect option for you to know you'll have the support when you need it. Without breaking the bank.

"I have been working with People Principles for over a year. I honestly could not be happier. They are so knowledgeable in everything HR and really go above and beyond to help us in every way possible."

Greta, Founder & CEO

Are you ready to do the team and people stuff right?

Join today and we'll help you do it.


Frequently Asked Questions




Monthly plans require a 3 month minimum enrollment




Get 2 months free when you pay in full for the year