Move your biz from vulnerable to safeguarded within a week. 

5 steps to getting your HR systems on track.

Business owners like you, wait too long to fix these HR issues... or even worse, you don't even know they exist.


This HR Risk Assessment is the ultimate hack getting you from vulnerable to safeguarded so you can rest easy knowing you're doing everything right. 

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  • Get Peace of Mind
  • Create Your Culture
  • Safeguard Your Biz
  • Support Your Team
  • Cover Your Assets
  • Get it Right
  • Set Up the Foundation
  • Sustainably Scale
  • Get Peace of Mind
  • Create Your Culture
  • Safeguard Your Biz
  • Support Your Team
  • Cover Your Assets
  • Get it Right
  • Set Up the Foundation
  • Sustainably Scale

If you're a small business owner who finds yourself thinking "I sure hope I'm doing this right..😬"

This is for you.

  • ...being a newbie and HR feels like a foreign language.
  •'re endlessly searching Google or asking ChatGPT what to do and still so confused
  •'ve had your fair share of HR headaches in the past  (or know those who have) and want to set it up right and avoid costly mistakes
  •'re a busy CEO with little time to spare, you just need some simple, easy to implement advice
Let's face the facts....

When it comes to scaling your business, it's no secret that a high performing team is the path to success...

But the thing is, if you're not setting up the foundations right, as you hire, you're going to be tip toeing over landmines in the future. It's like building on a house of cards...eventually it's going to crumble. And we get it, it isn't always easy to figure it all out. 

You can't be an expert in everything in your business... but that doesn't mean you can't figure it out.

  • NO MORE guessing if you're doing it right.
  • NO MORE hoping you don't get in trouble.

  • NO MORE pretending you have time to figure it all out. 


Working with Jackie has been one of the top 3 best decisions I've ever made in my company. She saved me time and money and she's so methodical in process that I knew right away I was in great hands

– Lori H.


What if you knew exactly what to do?

What if you knew the rules and knew you were following them? What if you knew how to fix any missteps you've made along the way? What if you knew the next most important things to implement to support your team and safeguard your business?

It's all inside this HR Risk Assessment

Get Peace of Mind



Includes our signature HR Risk Assessment & 60 min 1:1 strategy session



How to go from vulnerable to safeguarded without spending thousands on a consultant...

  • Step-by-Step guide to make sure you are following the most important rules
  • An HR tracking template so you can keep track of all the important info in one easy to find place
  • A best practices roadmap for when and what to implement for the 5 core areas of HR
  • A 60 minute strategy session with one of our top HR Executives to create a path to tidy things up and a roadmap for future growth

"Jackie is pretty incredible"

She’s helped us implement everything from on and off-boarding employees, to creating a company handbook, offer letters, and termination letters, to even setting up a whole new system of time tracking for employees to make it easier for our team during payroll.

– Greta S.

Hi, We're Jackie & Molly!

Helping founders get the people stuff right.

We've each been in the HR and Recruiting fields for over 15 years and met while working together in the Los Angeles start up ecosystem. Technically I (Jackie) hired Molly and then had to lay her off, but that's beside the point. We managed to stay close and go into business together years later...a true testament that you can go through hard times, make hard decisions in your business and make it out the other side. Together we run People Principles, a recruiting and HR firm for small businesses and start-ups.

We have been a part of the clean up crew toooooo many times to count which is why we've created this strategy session for you. Not only do we hate being a part of the clean up crew, we know there is a better way and that's why we dropped it all into this HR Risk Assessment Session. 

We KNOW these simple best practices can help protect your business, create a happier team, and scale your impact.


I’ve been told often that my expectations in business partnerships are too high or that I am difficult to work with – Jackie/Molly exceed my expectations daily

They’ve taken on the most frustrating parts of my business & turned momentum around. If I could go back to day 1 of my entrepreneur journey and give myself one piece of advice, it would be to not start hiring until I find  People Principles


She is a true professional in every way.

Jackie helped us to build out our HR function from scratch shortly after launching the company and was an absolute pleasure to work with! I would highly recommend Jackie to any company, large or small, for HR help! 

Jen P. | President, CPG BRAND

If you've made it this far..

You're likely wondering do I really need this already? I have a small team. Here's how much it could cost you to ignore this stuff:

  • Replacing an employee can cost up to 5-60% of their annual salary
  • Only 36% of employees in the US are engaged in their work (according to Gallup)
  • New hires are 50% more likely to leave their job within the first 18 months if they are poorly onboarded
  • Small biz pay around $12,000 per year in compliance penalties... *PER EMPLOYEE!